Who are we and what is the purpose of our site?

Our vision

We want to empower people to pick a cruelty-free alternative to anything in their life. We want anyone to be able to lead an affordable, sustainable and practical vegan lifestyle.

How we will achieve this

Our site content is for sharing our opinions, giving advice and tips.

We will work with brands to promote products we care about, have tried ourselves and love. We will support brands by sharing links to their products via our site. We will continually research and maintain our content to ensure it is up to date.

Who are Green folk?

We are two people, based in the UK, who write and publish unique content about ethical products and brands. Over the years, neither of us had a huge interest in this lifestyle. We both ate meat and animal products, we bought products without checking out the backstory, we handed money over to huge corporations like Amazon.

If you want to make even the smallest change to lead a more ethical, green or plant-based lifestyle and diet, you might be one of us.

Our site is for readers like ourselves. We struggled to find neutral sites about veganism and ethical products, where we didn’t feel somewhat like we were in the wrong place.

Green folk came experienced in web development, content creation and SEO. Above all, we are passionate about informing people about how an ethical diet and lifestyle is not just for eco-warriors and top chefs. We want to share and promote products and brands which we’ve tried and tested ourselves and enjoy.